What is Distance Healing?


A Reiki Distance Healing can be held at almost any time. Usually what happens is a participant signs up with some basic details about themselves for example male/female, any particular areas you want to focus on (if any), your name, and general location city is fine or country. Whatever feels right for you. The Reiki will channel to you. Do not worry about that. Your body will receive as much or as little Reiki as is needed at that time.


What we prefer to do is to do distance healing at night around 10pm. We find it's the best time for me to be rested, relaxed and away from distractions. Some people prefer to be in the same mind set, where you may lie quietly in your bed relaxed and receptive to the energies. It will take me anywhere from 1/2 and hour to 45 mins to complete the treatment.


As in a hands on session, each person reacts differently. Every treatment you have may be completly different from each other as well. You may experience warmth or tingling, sometimes hot or even cold when Reiki is channelng to that area of the body. There also a chance that you may feel nothing at all, and this is ok as well. Reiki goes where it is most needed whether you are aware and feel it or not.


Afterwards you may feel a little light headedness, headache, nausea, or dehydrated. This is your body naturally detoxifying. Drink plenty of water and know that it will soon pass. Theres also the chance that you will not experience any of these things as well. Remember that for everyone it's different.




"I saw all the Reiki symbols and a white pure light in my third eye Chakra and a rainbow I also sense archangels Michael and Raphael. Thank you for a lovely session" Craig, Rotherham


"I had just injured my back and could barely move. After one session I stood up and walked with no pain whatsoever. I never had a problem with it again"


"For years I was plagued with aching wrists, after the first session I noticed the difference, I got a second just to make sure. Now I don't ache any more."


"If you want a relaxing Reiki session book an appointment with Donna. She makes you relax right from when you get there. A lovely room with lovely scented candles and soothing music while you float away. I suffer from lack of a good nights sleep  but after each session I enjoyed a peaceful night. I will highly recommend her."


"Following an injury I got on stage, I found it increasingly difficult to perform. I found out about Distance Healing from a friend, I tried it and it worked so well I now have a session before every tour"


"Reiki made me feel so relaxed after one session aches and pains started to go and I had a proper night sleep"



Usui Reiki: Shoden

(Reiki First Degree)


Usui Reiki: Okuden

(Reiki 2nd Degree)


Crystal & Gemstone Healing Practitioner

(Diploma from Zen Tranquilty)


Disclaimer: Distant Reiki Healing is not a substitute for medical or psychological treatment.

A practitioner does not diagnose, perform medical treatment or prescribe controlled substances.

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